What is Risk Management in your 401k decisions?

Many 401k participants have this very question on the tip of their tongue, but like high school algebra class we don’t raise our hand…not wanting anyone to know we are a bit lost!
algebra problem
It is strange how many of us can relate to this feeling. I knew in algebra class I could do better if I would ask questions, do the homework and get some help. But I didn’t want to appear lost, I hated doing homework and I was never good at asking for help!
asking for help
Well a lot happens from high school to middle age. One of the biggest changes is I no longer care who knows I need help…I just want the help and am willing to ask. 401k-Checkup in many ways is the help we all could use but don’t know about or are skeptical of. Being skeptical is a healthy thing, but being unwilling to put in a little effort and investing some time into your own future is not healthy at all.

There are lots of resources for researching investment options; books, articles, magazines, blogs, discussion forums, paid services and even professional advice. Despite the abundance if advice available, there are very few TOOLS to let anyone examine the decisions they made (or are considering) for their 401k. There are simulators for everything these days, so why not your 401k!

Our efforts to solve the problem we were having with allocation decisions and risk management lead us to develop a checkup tool. It adds to our own process and helps us do better. So we thought: Why not help everyone who wants it? And 401k-Checkup was the result.
wall puzzle
You can add to your own process a tool that provides insight to the decisions you are making or considering for your 401k. Like us, YOU are your own “risk manager” for your 401k, so get the best tools for the job…get a 401k-Checkup today.