Re-balance your 401k or IRA and do better

401k-Checkups™ are different from monthly statements or fund reports.

Re-balance you 401k picture of statement of an investment portfolio.Re-balance your 401k or IRA and do better! A 401k-Checkup™ (PSDS Report) is a tool that models any 401k, 403b, 529, IRA or Mutual Fund portfolio allocation through a one million trial simulation. Your specific portfolio is assigned 1,000 potential allocations. Each allocation then undergoes 1,000 potential outcomes to create a custom report to help you do better. Astronauts, pilots, soldiers, law enforcement and many other professions use simulators to help real-world decision making. They strive to improve performance because mistakes can be very costly! Now for the first time, see your portfolio simulated to help you in making decisions. Do you want useful modeling information about your individual investments and overall portfolio design?

Re-balance your 401k Magnifying glass. Use your 401k-Checkup™ as a guide to help consider changes to your portfolio.

Re-balance your 401k 401k-checkup benefits. 1,000 Simulation results in one picture show you...

  • Average rate of return and price volatility performance for your current allocation.

  • How different allocations affected performance under varied economic circumstances.

  • The actual performance for each of your individual investments for the time period chosen.

  • Re-balance your 401k 401k-checkup benefits. Color coded key is an easy to understand reference for the results of your portfolio simulation.

  • Re-balance your 401k 401k-checkup benefits. Illustrates your "range of results" including current allocation, Max APR allocation and more.

  • Re-balance your 401k 401k-checkup benefits. Charts and color coordinated pictures show the amount (or lack!) of diversity in your portfolio.

  • Re-balance your 401k 401k-checkup benefits. Gain confidence through a robust portfolio simulation.

Re-balance your 401k 401k-checkup report sample illustration.

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401k-Checkups™ were developed from Portfolio Stochastic Design Scans (PSDS Reports). PSDS Reports are a patented and copyrighted software tool that simulates (or models) an investment portfolio 1,000 different ways. All 1,000 simulation results are plotted to provide a range of possible outcomes. Each 401k-Checkup is delivered in an easy to understand format for the time period you choose. The purpose of simulating your portfolio design when you re-balance your 401k is to "TEST" or model different dollar allocation. By testing the effects of different dollar allocations within your portfolio under a variety of reasonable scenarios, you get better information for future decision making.

Unlike monthly statements, 401k-Checkups™ give you the advantage of studying potential (simulated) outcomes of your portfolio. You gain more information to help you decide if your portfolio is behaving how you intended when you initially designed it. 401k-Checkups™ allow you to re-balance your 401k as many times as possible times as you like with this powerful tool previously reserved for academics and professionals.


401k-Checkups™ (PSDS Reports) create a two dimensional picture that illustrates your portfolio's rate of return and price volatility. You choose a time period of 1, 3, 5 or 10 years...or bundle three time periods together! Each 401k-Checkup™ illustrates your current portfolio's performance both as a whole and by its' individual investments. In addition, you will also see nearly 1,000 other possible asset allocation outcomes. Your report will "model" what could have reasonably happened under different circumstance. Your 401k-Checkup™ utilizes copyrighted software (probability or stochastic theory models used globally across a wide range of industries) to create a unique & visually elegant tool. Get fast and useful information about your portfolio in an easy to understand illustration.

Your 401k-Checkup™ does not predict the future, it re-shuffles the past. 401k-Checkups™ are a tool to help you gain insight and prepare for the Risks & Rewards of price volatility. Each report is an easy to understand tool with valuable information to address questions such as:

  • How diverse were my assets?

  • Which asset(s) added to or detracted most to returns?

  • Which of my assets had the greatest or least price volatility?

  • How would different allocations have affected my portfolio's performance?

In addition to rate of return, prudent investors measure volatility (RISK) to understand its impact both financially and emotionally. When you re-balance your 401k with a 401k-Checkup™ you get consolidated into one picture how different asset allocations may impact both your portfolio's value and your peace of mind.

  1. RISK - worry increases the wider investment prices swing.

  2. RISK- higher volatility when retired gives withdrawals a larger permanent impact on your portfolio's value.

  3. RISK - volatility means a greater chance of a shortfall when selling specific securities for certain cash flow needs at a given future date.

  4. RISK - volatility affects compounding and a portfolio's final value.

  5. REWARD - price volatility presents opportunities to buy assets cheaply and sell when overpriced.

  6. REWARD - embracing volatility may be consistent with the growth objectives of some portfolios.