Benefits of Using a 401k-Checkup

Benefits of using a 401k-Checkup Sample Report.
Hard work, sacrifice and smart decision making have built your 401(k) account, 403b or other retirement savings. No one is more concerned about your money than you are! Do you conduct your own research? Do you evaluate the success and direction of your portfolio? The benefits of using a 401k-Checkup are better information that is easy to understand. Useful information helps your decision making process. Get a 401k-Checkup today!

401(k)-Checkups™ give you an advanced testing tool. Previously available only to professionals and academics, you too can now enjoy the benefits of using a 401k-Checkup. Pilots, law enforcement and other professions use simulators because mistakes are costly. Now you too can utilize simulation results to improve your decision making. Get easy to use ideas that help you. Quickly & easily evaluate the amounts you invest with each option you choose. See for yourself how splitting dollars differently in your 401(k) account could have produced better results.

Unlike monthly statements and fund reports, the benefits of using a 401k-Checkup give you the advantage of studying simulated outcomes of your 401k account. You gain valuable insight to help you decide if your savings could do better.



Easy to understand analysis of your portfolio.

  1. Enhance your 401k/403b account decision making process by examining a more robust range of potential outcomes.
  2. Advanced probability modeling on 1,000 different percentage allocations of your 401k account.
  3. Actual performance of individual assets in your 401k/403b account for the time period chosen.
  4. See your true risk exposure and the effect diversity has on risk reduction.
  5. Historical Rate of Return and Standard Deviation analysis.
  6. Side-by-side comparison of your individual investments.

Detailed benefits of using a 401k-Checkup

  1. See how your 401k/403b account performance changes over 1, 3, 5 and 10 year periods.
  2. Bar charts for three specific percentage allocations of your 401k/403b account.
  3. Easy to understand, color coded key for your convenience.
  4. Simple to use comparisons to help your decision making.
  5. Single page illustration packed with information.



Which 401k-Checkup is right for you?


Advanced 401k-Checkup

Benefits of using a 401k-Checkup 401(k) account review.

It's your 401(k) account!

Have you ever wondered...

...if you had allocated your dollars differently, how could that have affected the rate of return on your money?

...if economic and market conditions were different, how could that have affected your retirement account? wide of price/market swings are reasonable to expect with the average rate of return on your retirement savings?

It's your money!

Benefits of using a 401k-Checkup 401(k) account retirement savings in a glass jar.

401k-Checkups™ do not predict the future (disclaimer). 401k-Checkups™ help you prepare for the Risks & Rewards of price volatility. Click here for a Technical White paper on PSDS Reports.