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401k-Checkup Sample Report provides answers to common questions.

What is a 401k-Checkup™? 401k-Checkups™ are a patented and copyrighted software tool that simulates (or models) an investment portfolio 1,000 different ways to provide answers to common questions. The purpose of simulating your portfolio is to "TEST" the effects of different dollar allocations within your portfolio under a variety of reasonable scenarios.

How is a 401k-Checkup™ different from a monthly or quarterly statement? Simulating your portfolio creates a more robust picture of your portfolio's potential range of outcomes rather than simply telling you what happened in the past as a statement does. 401k-Checkups™ give you the advantage of studying potential (simulated) outcomes of your portfolio so you gain more information to help you decide if your portfolio is behaving how you intended when you initially designed it.

401k-Checkup Sample Key provides answers to common questions.

How will I use it? Simply look at the REPORT picture and KEY together to see and understand the results of your portfolio simulation. The SUMMARY page will give you precise allocation information for each individual investment and for the portfolio as a whole. The results may confirm your portfolio is as you desired - OR - the results may bring to light those parts that could be detracting from your portfolio's performance. This tool can also help you in your "re-design" process since it allows you to "test" your portfolio allocation prior to making actual changes.

How will it help me? Running this one million trial simulation provides insight to how the individual investment components are influencing the portfolio as a whole. You also see how your current allocation compares to the Maximum APR allocation and to the 401k-Checkups™ target allocation.

401k-Checkup Summary example provides answers to common questions.

Why should I use this tool? 401k-Checkups™ provide answers to common questions that help you be proactive in managing and understanding potential and acceptable amounts of risk in your portfolio. By gaining CONFIDENCE in your portfolio design and a more reasonable expectation of risk (price and market volatility), you can greatly effect your ability to control emotions during more trying times (up and down markets).

What do I do if I need help understanding the results? We provide white papers on the tools application. However, deciding what is in your portfolio is up to you. This site is not an advisory service.

Will this tell me what alternative investments to buy? are the manager - decision maker. 401k-Checkups™ are a tool that only analyzes the parts you select. The tool offers insight to allocation and shows the effects of various allocations on the risk/reward of a portfolio. How you apply the information is up to you as manager of your portfolio.

What happens if I request a report but some of my investments don't have sufficient data? Your scan will be for the period chosen but will exclude any individual investments that lack data for the term requested.

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