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401k-Checkups™ give you the advantage of studying simulated outcomes of your 401k account or other type of retirement portfolio. Unlike monthly statements and fund reports, you quickly and easily gain valuable insight to help you decide if your savings could do better.

401(k)-Checkups™ are an advanced testing tool previously available only to professional money managers and academics. Just as pilots, law enforcement and other professions use simulators because mistakes are costly, now you too can utilize simulation results to improve your portfolio decision making. Get easy to use ideas that help you evaluate the amounts you invest with each option you choose.

401k-Checkups™ do not predict the future (401k-Checkup disclaimer). 401k-Checkups™ help you prepare for the Risks & Rewards of price volatility. See for yourself how splitting dollars differently in your 401k or other retirement portfolio account could have produced better results.