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401k-Checkups™ do not predict the future, they re-shuffle the past by doing a stochastic modeling analysis of your specific portfolio. Now you can enjoy the benefits of advanced simulation modeling to examine a broad range of asset allocation possibilities to help with your decision making. 401k-Checkups™ are a tool to help you gain asset allocation insight and identify the strengths and weaknesses in your current 401k. Each report is an easy to understand tool with valuable information.
You Get
WHAT It Does
HOW It Helps You
401k-checkup benefits.Color-Coded Report in a Familiar FormatRisk-Reward comparison with easy to understand numbers and picture.Quickly determine if you would have been able to Do Better with a different allocation.
401k-checkup benefits.Asset Allocation ComparisonSee three different allocations:
-Your CURRENT allocation.
-Maximum Return allocation.
-Balanced(risk-reward) allocation.
Confirm your design is performing as you intended -OR- Identify different allocation options for you to consider.
401k-checkup benefits.Individual Asset PerformanceEach investment holding is shown to identify how it helps or hurts your overall portfolio return and risk.Easily identify investments to consider for receiving more or less of your savings.
401k-checkup benefits.Choose between a 401k-Checkup or an Advanced Scan401k-Checkup examines one time period. Advanced Scan examines three time periods.See how your investments behave differently over time for the most comprehensive analysis of your 401k plan.

401k-Checkups™ give you the advantage of studying simulated outcomes of your 401k account or other type of retirement portfolio. Unlike monthly statements and fund reports, you quickly and easily gain valuable insight to help you decide if your savings could do better.

401(k)-Checkups™ are an advanced testing tool previously available only to professional money managers and academics. Just as pilots, law enforcement and other professions use simulators because mistakes are costly, now you too can utilize simulation results to improve your portfolio decision making. Get easy to use ideas that help you evaluate the amounts you invest with each option you choose.

401k-Checkups™ do not predict the future (401k-Checkup disclaimer). 401k-Checkups™ help you prepare for the Risks & Rewards of price volatility. See for yourself how splitting dollars differently in your 401k or other retirement portfolio account could have produced better results.