Find the right 401k allocation for you with a 401k-Checkup.

401k allocation tool helps your DIY portfolio design strategy.

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Top 10 reasons smart investors use 401k-Checkups...

  1. First of all, learn which individual investments added to or detracted from your overall returns.
  2. 401k-Checkups show you which of your assets had the greatest or least price volatility.
  3. Each custom report tells you how diverse your assets were from one another and consequently how diverse was your overall portfolio.
  4. You learn how different allocations would have affected your portfolio performance.
  5. See how your 401k/403b account performance changes over 1, 3, 5 and 10 year periods.
  6. Enhance your 401k/403b account decision making process by examining a more robust range of potential outcomes.
  7. See your true risk exposure and as a result see the effect diversity has on risk reduction.
  8. Color coded bar charts for three specific percentage allocations of your 401k/403b account give you helpful ideas to improve your portfolio.
  9. You also get simple to use, side-by-side comparisons to help your portfolio design strategy.
  10. Finally you get access to Rate or Return Standard Deviation and Sharpe Ratio data for over 46,000 investments!

401k-Checkup's™ give you a powerful, easy to use 401k allocation re-balancing tool.

Since 401k-Checkups can be used with over 46,000 investments, you can get valuable insight on your 401k, 403b, 529, IRA or Mutual Fund account. Because so much is at stake with your retirement, 401k-Checkups provide you easy to use ideas for both increasing your return on investment (ROI) and lowering your portfolio risk. As a result of this unique tool you get to see for yourself IF your retirement portfolio could have done better had you allocated your money differently! Due to probability modeling and simulations made simple, you get at your fingertips DIY ideas for improvement through portfolio rebalancing. Learn more below or get your 401k portfolio rebalance started today. Get your 401k-Checkup today!


401k-Checkups give you 401k allocation simulations to help your portfolio design strategy.

401k-Checkup's™ (PSDS Reports) are the opposite of look alike monthly statements and bulky quarterly reports. As a result of using this tool you get delivered to your email address easy to understand information about your portfolio. Consequently, you gain insights toward answers you may be seeking to do better with your retirement.

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Using up to 10 years of captured data and patented simulation software, 401k-Checkup's™ show you "what could have been" if your existing investment dollars would have been spread out differently. Each 401k-Checkup™ is easy to understand and quickly helps you see...

  • How each of your individual investments contributed to the overall portfolio performance.

  • How your current allocation compares to a Maximum APR allocation and a Risk-Reward balanced benchmark.

  • Which investments have the least & most affect on the rate of return and the amount of price volatility to expect.

401k-Checkup's™ deliver useful information for addressing common sense questions about your retirement portfolio. Get your 401k-Checkup™ NOW! 401k-Checkup™ can be a valuable tool in your retirement planning.